Xerosis:(Dry Skin)

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Xerosis cutis is the medical term for abnormally dry skin. This name comes from the Greek word “xero,” which means dry. Dry skin is common, especially in older adults. It’s usually a minor and temporary problem, but it may cause discomfort. Your skin needs moisture to stay smooth. As you age, retaining moisture in the skin becomes more difficult. Your skin may become dry and rough as it loses water and oils. Dry skin is more common during the cold winter months. Modifying your daily routine by taking shorter showers with lukewarm water and using moisturisers can help prevent xerosis cutis.

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Home Remedies

The treatment of Xerosis has been primarily symptomatic. The aim being the short-term relief of symptoms through the topical application of lipids, mainly vegetable oils, humectants and NMFs such as Urea. As more is understood about the causes and triggers of Xerosis, clinicians have discovered that a more holistic, enduring approach to treating Xerosis yields superior results. This strategy begins with avoiding, or minimising, the causes and contributing factors of Xerosis and centres on maintaining an adequate skincare routine for face and body featuring both cleansing and moisturising.

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