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• As you begin, first sit comfortably towards the edge of a blanket that is thick and folded. Keep your knees bent and place your feet firmly on the floor.

• Shrug the shoulders a little and let the tops of the upper arm bones move back. You could then press the tips at the bottom of the shoulder blades right into the back.

• Once done, place the left foot under the right leg making it move to the outer side of the right hip and then place the leg of that is on the outside on the floor.

• Place your right leg above the left leg with the right ankle placed on the outside portion of the left knee. For individuals that have a higher range of hip flexibility, slide the left shin forward and place it just below the right in order to raise the challenge faced by the body.

• In the event that this may be expecting too much from your body, you can choose to keep the left heel beside the right hip.

• The next phase of the pose requires you to place pressure on your heels and spread the toes while ensuring that your torso is extended as much as possible and exhaling while folding forward from the groin. A lot of people tend to bend forward from the belly instead of folding forward from the groin, avoid doing this as it would render the entire workout rather useless.

• Ensure that the space in the middle of the pubis and the navel remains long and place your hands touching the floor, right before your shins.

• You should continue to inhale, and thus allow your torso to rise slightly. While doing so, lengthen the distance between the pubis and the sternum. On your next exhalation, make it a point to get a deeper fold. Stay in this pose for at least a minute. Inhale while you bring the torso to an upright position and slowly move out of the pose.

• Follow the same steps now with your left leg on the top.

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• With regards to the benefit to body parts, the fire log pose is very effective in opening up the hips and groins – making any activity that involves them less stressful on the muscle structure to perform.

• It also helps stimulate the abdominal organs and increase flexibility .

Therapeutic Applications:

• The therapeutic applications of the fire log pose generally revolve around easing the stress levels in an individual. Stress is a very common factor in our lives and yoga places the release of stress from within the body very high up its list of priorities. This is one of the most beneficial applications one receives from yoga.

• The build-up of stress in the body can have a disastrous effect on the overall condition of the body once it has been allowed to develop unchecked.

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