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Come to sitting on your buttocks in a Cobbler’s Pose by bending your knees, placing the soles of your feet together, and sitting with a tall spine. On an inhale, firm your belly and lift your legs.

Balance on your sitting bones and weave your arms under your legs.

Lift your chest, squeeze your shoulder blades together, and ensure that your spine is straight.

Hold your arms steady under your legs, with your palms facing up (or in a gyan mudra), and pretend to open up into a blossoming flower.

Take a few deep breaths in Flower Pose then come out of the pose on an exhale.

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• Opens up the hips

• Stretches the ankles and knees

• Calms the brain

• Increases awareness and attentiveness

• Keeps the spine straight

• Helps develop good posture

• Eases menstrual discomfort and sciatica

• Helps keeps joints and ligaments flexible

• Stimulates the spine, pelvis, abdomen, and bladder

• Restores energy levels

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