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• Bring the knees to the floor with the knees hip width apart and the big toes touching. Carefully sit back on your heels with the heels touching the outside of hips. Spread the knees as wide as comfortable. Rest the hands on the knees with the palms facing down.

• Lean back to the hips sink down into the floor. Reach the crown of the head up to lengthen the spine. Drop the shoulders down and back, and press the chest towards the front of the room.

• Relax the face, jaw, and belly. Let the tongue rest on the roof of the mouth, just behind the front teeth.

• Breathe deeply through the nose down into the belly. Hold as long as comfortable.

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• Improves posture.

• Brings suppleness to the ankle, hip and knee joints.

• Tones up the adductor muscles running along the inner thighs.

• Strengthens the pelvis and groin muscles.

• Beneficial in urinary tract, bladder, prostrate and kidney related problems.

• Beneficial for the muscles and ligaments of the uro-genital region and promotes fresh blood supply to this region.

• Relieves tension in the sacral and coccygeal regions of the spine.

• Prevents prostrate enlargement, weakness of the perineal muscles.

• Relieves sciatica.

• Helps strengthen leg muscles.

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