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This is the best yogic mudra for your outer beauty. It has a positive effect on your skin and keeps it away off all problems. A very effective yoga asana for your overall health let us learn to do this mudra with perfection.

Lightly touch the tip of your little finger with the tip of your thumb. The rest of the fingers should be kept straight. There is no specific time to perform this mudra. You may do it at any time of the day and in any position, but sitting cross-legged when doing this mudra is preferable .


Take care not to press the tip of the little finger near the nail. That will cause dehydration instead of balancing the water level in your body.

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A number of benefits can be achieved by doing this mudra

• Varun Mudra balances the water content in our body.

• It activates fluid circulation within the body keeping it moisturized always.

• It cures all skin issues like dryness, skin diseases and skin infections. Moreover, it also prevents the appearance of pimples for a longer time.

• It adds a natural glow and luster to your face.

• Varun Mudra also relieves and prevents any muscle pains that you may suffer from.

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