Rabbit POSE

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• Let’s begin by sitting on your heels. Exhale all the air out and grab your heels with back of the hands facing out, so thumbs outside, fingers inside.

• Engage your core and round down, placing the TOP of your head on the ground towards your knees so that your forehead is touching your knees.

• Lift your hips high, rolling forward like a wheel until your elbows are locked, feeling this wonderful opening of the back of the heart.

• Inhale, pull on your heels with a firm grip of your hands and exhale, go deeper.

• Stay here for at least 5 breaths, and slowly come up the same way you came in. Inhale, and roll up one vertebrae at a time, chin and head comes up last, releasing the hands.


You shouldn’t be feeling too much pressure on your head here, but if you do, try grabbing lower on your feet. Also, draw your shoulders away from your ears and make the proper adjustments so that the crown of the head is on the floor, not the back of the head. We don’t want you to injure your neck.

A variation is instead of holding onto your heels, lace your fingers together behind your back, and as you lower your head down, reach your hands towards the sky.

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Relaxing posture.

Tones the pelvic muscles.

Stimulates the abdomen organs.

Massages the abdominal muscles.

Can help in sexual disorders.

Gives a good relaxing stretch to the spine.

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