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• To begin with the Shiva twist pose in yoga , you should first stand in the Mountain pose or the Tadasana. Thereafter inhale and shift all of your weight onto your right foot and while doing so lift your left heel towards the left buttocks while bending your knees.

• Thereafter you should press the head of your right thigh bone deep into the hip joint and try to pull the knee cap upwards to ensure that the leg that you’re standing on is as straight and strong as possible.

• Once done, you should slowly lift your left foot up, away from your torso and the floor. Thereafter try to extend your left thigh behind you and keep it as parallel to the floor as possible. Once this pose has been achieved, stretch your right arm forward parallel to the floor and in front of the torso.

• This position should be maintained for at least 30 seconds after which you should release the grasp on your foot and then place the left foot back onto the floor. This should be repeated for the similar length of time on your other side as well.

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The shiva twist is known to benefit almost all parts of the body of the individual focussing mostly on the knees, ankles, thighs groins, thighs, shoulders, chest, lungs, spine and kidneys.

Another one of the benefits of the Shiva pose is that it helps in stretching the groin, abdomen, thighs, shoulders and chest.

The Shiva twist pose is also important for strengthening of the ankles and the legs.

This yoga pose is also beneficial in improving your overall balance.

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