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• Hinge at the hips to come into a gentle forward fold, with your fingertips touching the ground. If you find that your hands don’t come comfortably to the floor just yet, you can use two yoga blocks to support your hands.

• Shift your weight onto the right foot. Keep the toes spread wide and the weight distributed evenly across all four corners of the foot.

• On an inhale, slowly begin to lift your left leg parallel to the floor. As the left leg lifts higher, bring your torso closer to your standing leg, and begin to walk your hands to either side of your standing foot until you find an edge that feels appropriate for your body.

• Pay careful attention to the rotation of the thighs. Note the tendency for the left leg and hip to want to lift higher away from the floor in an effort to move deeper into the move. Try to keep the front pelvis parallel to the floor and the hips in line with one another, even if it means you can’t lift your leg as high.

• Stay in the pose for 5-10 breaths. Gently lower the left leg on an exhale and take a full, deep breath in your forward fold. When you feel ready, repeat on the other side.

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• Lengthens the hamstring of the standing leg

• Strengthens the quadriceps of the standing leg

• Strengthens glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps on lifted leg

• Improves balance and stability while improving strength in both hip joints

• Releases tension in the cervical spine

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