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To start with the standing yoga seal pose, you should enter into the Mountain pose which involves standing with your feet together and your hands placed at each side with the palms touching your outer thighs.

Thereafter, after ensuring your balance, you should lift your toes away from the floor and try and spread them as far apart as possible before placing them back onto the floor.

While tilting the pubic bone forward, you should try to raise your chest forward as this will ensure correct alignment of the spine.

Thereafter try to lengthen the neck by gently raising your head as much as possible while breathing deeply. Then exhale and raise your arms while pointing your fingers towards the ceiling. This position should be maintained for a few seconds.

Once done you should again lower your arms to your sides and keep your feet at least three feet apart from each other by spreading your legs.

Then inhale and bring your arms gently behind your back and bring your shoulder blades as close to each other by interlocking your fingers.

While doing so, focus on the ceiling and take a few deep breaths for a few seconds.

Thereafter exhale and keeping your legs relatively straight, by leading with your chest ,hinge the upper body towards the floor.

Once done, lift your upper body into a standing position and release your hands and bring the arms back to the sides of your body.

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Improvement on the overall mental functioning of the individual

This pose of yoga is also known to be effective in harmonizing the connection between the mind and the heart.

The standing yoga seal pose is also beneficial in stretching and opening the upper back, shoulders and legs.

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