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Step 1

Sit on your shins. If your knees feel OK, spread your shins enough to let your buttocks touch the floor. Keep your lower legs alongside your hips. Become comfortable with the upright variation of the pose before progressing.

Step 2

Begin to lean back. Support yourself at first with your hands, then your forearms and, if you can go down with ease, allow the tops of your feet, your upper back and back of your head to make contact with the floor.

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It's believed that yoga poses can activate various energy centers in your body to offer healing. A teacher might recommend Supta Virasana if you're suffering from arthritis or sciatica, as the pose opens the hips.

By bringing more circulation to the lungs and other breathing organs, the pose benefits those with asthma, a head cold or other respiratory issues. Use Supta Virasana to also stimulate digestion, ease belly woes, such as diarrhea, and treat menstrual cramps.

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